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Power cables for connection to the primary distribution network, cables can be supplied in single core, three-core or bundled formation, with solid/stranded, round/shaped, aluminium, copper or alloy conductors and different types of insulation materials (polymers, elastomers and paper).

Depending upon cable construction, cables can incorporate a metallic screen - which may consist of wires, tapes or laminates of different materials (copper, aluminium, composite); the insulated cores are either individually or collectively screened.

Where necessary, water blocking elements can be included to limit moisture migration. Mechanical protection, where appropriate, is provided through alternative traditional metallic or innovative polymeric solutions.

Outer sheaths and finishes are available in PVC, PE of different density, Afumex® materials - for a reduced emission of smoke and corrosive gases in the case of fire - and with special protections against termites and other boring insects.

Accessories play a vital role in a power system. Prysmian Group has gained expertise in the design, manufacture and testing of products across all voltages during many years of partnership with customers.

Prysmian Group offers a comprehensive range of accessories for glanding, jointing, connecting and terminating. The range includes joints (also transition and trifurcating joints), terminations (for both indoor and outdoor use), connectors, glands, cleats and fixings, link boxes, tooling, fused equipment units and resins.

Prysmian Group provides engineering services capable of fulfilling any power system specification or requirement and of delivering customised solutions.